Hose & Coupling

Industrial Application:Hydrocarbon, Fuel Oil, LPG Stream, Chemical, Food, Bottom Loading Hoses,
Vapor Recovery Hoses
Size : Available ¼” up to 12”

Quality supply with heavy duty design,with Flange fitting at both end, (Fixed x Floating)
Reasonable price to reduce waste of downtime period, our hosesare able to make for special conditions that normal hoses are unsuitable for such as:-

High Temperature Hose - This hose is used for handling liquids up to 400 Fahrenheit degrees. It is available in sizes from 1” to 4” and has the same characteristics of regular composite hose. The inner wire is made of stainless or carbon steel which allows for low reactivity with chemicals.

Medium Temperature Hose - It has the ability to withstand temperatures up to 300 Fahrenheitdegrees. Maintains the same characteristics of regular composite hose and is comprised of much the same material as a high temperature hose but at a lower price.
Low Temperature Hose - Manufactured for use with liquefied gases to temperature as low as (-130)Fahrenheitdegrees. We have AGA (American Gas Assoc.) and CGA (Canadian Gas Assoc.) approval for our hoses. This means it certified for transport of propane and other natural gas. This same hose can be used with other cryogenic materials like liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

Extra Flexible Hose - Hose is manufactured for use in tight spaces and short hose lengths that require excessive bending of the hose. By changing the wire pitch and wire diameter the bend radius of any hose that is built by our hose can even double the bend radius on the hose.

Extra Stiff Hose - Developed for the tank truck industry because the hose needs to be able to be pushed back into the hose tubes on the sides of the truck.

Dry Material Hose - Developed for the handling of polypropylene pellets and resins. Replaces strip metal hose and urethane lined plastic hose. Do not fail catastrophically.

All Plastic Hoses - Manufactured for the use of hydrochloric acid. There is no metal for the acid to react with because the inner wire is ploy coated steel and the outer wire is polypropylene.

Low Spark Hose - Reduces chances for sparking. For use with highly flammable liquids that have a high risk of flammability. Design using a bronze external wire.

Vapor Recovery Hose - Manufactured for use with aromatic vapors; available in all sizes up to 8" with lightweight hose for recovery of petroleum and chemical vapors.

Extra High Pressure - Has a working pressure of 350 psi., available in sizes up to 3” in diameter.

Abrasion Resistant - A ballistic cover is used to reduce external abrasion. For use in situations where the hose is dragged on rough surfaces repeatedly.

Custom Labeled - All hoses can be custom designed lay-line such as a customer name. Label can be done on any quantity of hoses.